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BAD NEWS: The Internet Income Summit London 2018 Has Come And Gone...
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About Your Host - Tiz Gambacorta
  •  Lifestyle entrepreneur featured in the NY Times , Wall Street Journal & USA Today Best Seller The Laptop Millionaire
  •  Co-founder, (Online Wealth & Crypto Currency Education)
  •  CEO, (Online Marketing )
  •  Lifestyle entrepreneur featured in the NY Times, Wall Street Journal & USA Today Best Seller The Laptop Millionaire
  •  Co-founder, (Software)
  •  Landlord
Attend This Event And Learn The Latest Digital Strategies To Build A Lifestyle Business
Guest Keynote Speaker: Shaqir Hussyin
  •  Was DEFINED by Forbes Magazine as a "Digital Trendsetter"
  •  BUILT over 10 companies which have each made over $1 million dollars each. 2 of them to over $10 million in sales.
  •  HOSTED personally over 130+ live events, seminars and workshops
  •  SPENT over $1.2Million cash on Facebook running ads
  •  SPOKE to close to 20,000+ people LIVE all over the world, USA, UK, Singapore, Europe, FIJI, Bahamas, Costa Rica, Mexico, Australia
  •  ...Tried to to buy a gold mine in Ghana at the age of 22, LOL :)
  •  ...all by the age of 29
Mystery Guest Speaker
  •  The 6 figure Facebook "Test". In 2017 we invested big time into figuring out generating leads from Facebook and turning those into RED-HOT leads, clients and repeat clients. You'll find out the results of this experiment at the summit.
  •  Facebook Ad Campaigns "REVELATION": The truth about custom audiences, ad targeting and my killer strategy for "hoovering up" your competitor's clients right in from of their eyes.
  •  The 3M Traffic Formula: How to follow these 3 simple little steps and virtually guarantee $2, $2 or even more from every $1 in ad spend
  •  The 1 simple traffic source that instantly positioned me as a Top Player in the marketplace. You'll get to see EXACTLY HOW I did it...and the best part? It's right in front of your nose.
  •  The one-page "7 Step Marketplace Domination" plan that creates a consistent, reliable flow of leads to your business and INSTANT CASH FLOW
  •  ... and much, MUCH MORE! 
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